3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Here are 3 Easy Steps to Buy & Sell Tetcoin. Or just tinker with the platform.

Download the App

Tetcoin is cross platform and open source. It runs on all screens, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones alike.

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Mine or Shine

After getting a copy of Tetcoin on your device, a wallet will be available. A wallet is empty until it has TET added to it. Mining may get some quick units, exchanges are just faster.

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Create a new app on top of tetcoin and bring the pizza while your at it. Making new things happen in the Community is what makes Tetcoin a Currency for Change

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You Need To Know!

Imagine - a form of money that's easily transferable over the Internet, freedom from exceedingly high transfer fees, a decentralized currency free from the risks of traditional market systems, all with the most mathematically advanced system of security.

  • Scrypt Proof-of-Work is an economic measure to secure the Network
  • Tetcoin represents the newest generation in cryptocurrency.
  • Anybody can download and use the open source platform.
  • It was designed from the bottom up using the concepts of cryptology.


to Currency Calculator

Hold your horses soldier, Tetcoin isn't quite ready for that just yet.

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Tetcoin Features

Tetcoin is a type of property, like dollars, euros, or yen. But unlike these traditional currencies, Tetcoin is completely digital, decentralized, and expansive.

Safe & Secure

The core strength of the tetcoin network derives from its miners[ ... ]

Mobile Apps

Whatever your screen, tetcoin can fit it. Available for Windows, Android, and iOS[ ... ]


A simple intuitive interface to store, transfer, and utilize TET on its native network. [ ... ]

Recuring Buys

Schedule future position increases with exchange partners. [ ... ]

Instant Exchange

Transactions occur and broadcast globally in realtime with confirmations completing in 5 minutes. [ ... ]

Expert Support

Around the clock interaction with enterprise level servicing. [ ... ]

Tetcoin Charts

All original Tetcoin exchange partners vanished. Another type of "cryptocurrency" chart is being displayed during the transition of TET.

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Why Choose Tetcoin

There are literally a thousand competing platforms available to choose from. Half of those are directly related to Tetcoin.

Distributed Storage

Tetchain provides secure, fast, peer to peer storage solutions.

Token Issuance

Create new currency stores effectively and securely on the worlds most diverse cryptocurrency network.

Platform Integration

Enhance existing systems or create new technologies with the best class of industry tools available.

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Tetcoin is the best choice for you if:

  • Looking for an exciting new way to transact on a global scale.
  • Seeking to secure assets by utilizing the effects of decentralization.
  • Creating projects to crowdsale in a trustless environment.
  • Developing cutting edge mobile gaming opportunities
  • Release assets natively or in any alternative store of value.

TET by the Numbers

Built only using the highest in industry standards.


Latest News

Keep track of the latest events, articles, and opinions in the world of cryptocurrency and Tetcoin